Discover the freedom of on-demand Pilates classes
Discover the freedom of on-demand Pilates classes

Discover the freedom of on-demand Pilates classes

Seeking engaging Pilates sessions to elevate your fitness journey?

Ready for dynamic classes that prioritise safety and motivation?


Move like never before

Do you feel stiff or inflexible? Are you craving Flexibility and core strength enhancements.

Helen is a knowledgable Polestar Pilates Mentor and teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience.

Workout anywhere, anytime!

Log in and join us from your mobile device from anywhere, anytime.

All videos are compatible with airdrop or chromecast to watch on your TV screen!


What we are all about

What we are all about

At Moveflo we believe that you should have a unique memorable movement experience that is pain free, progressive and achievable. We stand by that movement heals, that everybody given the right feedback will MOVE LIKE NEVER BEFORE®. That is the drive behind the development of our equipment, team knowledge and online classes.

We are committed to giving you a full studio experience in your home. Our aim is to empower you to feel capable and to progress towards your goals enabling you to live your best life.

Membership plans


£8.99 / month

Sign up for a monthly plan and cancel



£98.89 / year

Sign up for a yearly membership and get one month free!

* A 7-day FREE trial is included with both plans.

Refer a friend

Existing member? Receive 30 days of free membership if you refer a friend!


What is included in a subscription plan?

Online classes and training to all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Whether it be for fitness, rehabilitation, teach the Pilates teacher, or just fun. We are here to guide and support everyone in their journey to make a difference.

How do I get access to my Moveflo Online Studio classes?

You can sign up for the Moveflo Online Studio membership by selecting a monthly or annual membership option above.

Not sure you're ready to commit? We offer a 7-day free trial to make sure that our Moveflo Online Studio is the right wellness platform for you.

Can I watch videos on Chromecast and Airplay?

Yes, our videos are compatible with both Chromecast and Airplay.

You can also connect your device to a TV with your laptop or iPad device through HDMI ports.

Can I cancel any time?

You can cancel your membership anytime. Go to your billing page and follow the cancellation process. Please note that there are no refunds for unclaimed classes throughout the existing monthly billing period.

How do I refer a friend to receive my free 30 days membership?

Existing paying members can refer a friend from their dashboard in the “Refer a Friend” tab.

From here, you can access your custom referral link and you have a handy invite feature to send your referral link to your friends and family right from our website. You can also see a history and status of your referrals.

How does the referral link work?

The referral link includes a user-specific variable in the URL that stores a cookie in the browser for whoever clicks the link. If the user signs up within 30 days of the cookie being stored, the referral will be successfully linked.

When are the 30 free days added to an account?

The reward will be added after the first paid invoice. For example, if Louise referred her friend Tom and Tom signed up for a subscription with a 7-day trial period, Louise would receive her reward seven days later when the first invoice is paid.

Can anyone use Refer a Friend to refer users?

To access the Refer a Friend feature and share the referral link a user must have an active or trial subscription to receive referral rewards.

What plan durations work with referrals?

Users on all plans can receive referral rewards. The 30 days is added regardless of which subscription the referred user signs up on. If the referrer is on a yearly plan they'll still have 30 free days added to their subscription.

You referred a friend and see them in your dashboard but they are not properly linked to the to you as a referrer. What gives?

Refer a Friend works via a stored cookie. So if the user doesn't sign up via the link the referral connection cannot be made. An example would be a user clicks a referral link on their phone, doesn't sign up, but later creates an account on their laptop without clicking the referral link. Moveflo has no way of linking this user since the cookie was never stored on their laptop, only on their phone. If cookies have also been deleted from the device where the referral got sent before the link was used, the link would also be broken and the referral would not work. Please inform the friend of the above information so you don’t lose the free 30 days membership.

What happens if I disable Refer a Friend after having it active for some time?

All referrals that have already taken place will remain, but future referrals will not be possible. The Refer a Friend tab in the user Dashboard will also be hidden.

How do I contact you?

You can contact us through email at We monitor emails Monday-Friday between 9-5pm and will aim to respond as soon as we can.

Alternatively you can chat to us by clicking the home page and using the chat button at the bottom right of the page.